The 40 Odd Things That I’m Thankful For….


Pandas, since today’s Thanksgiving I figured it would only be fitting to say what I’m thankful for instead of just eating all day long. So here it goes…

  1. The Internet – This should not need an explanation.
  2. Online Shopping – Because not all of us want to try on clothes in a confined space with harsh lighting and an amusement park wonky mirror. They totally emphasise things that you never knew even existed. And once you’ve noticed it, you will cry, not want to carry on living and break the mirror. Which will result in an arrest for damaged property and a court mandated class in public etiquette.
  3. Scholl’s Party Feet – These have saved the day more than once.
  4. Amazon Prime – Umm…. all you can watch programmes and free next day delivery, that’s why!
  5. Toilet Paper – I don’t even want to imagine life without it.
  6. Fluffy socks and an even fluffier Duvet – For those nights you stay in and cuddle under the covers while watching your favourite show.
  7. Anything Free
  8. Open Bar – Let’s be honest the only way I’m getting drunk in this expensive town is if there’s an open bar.
  9. Money that you find in unexpected places
  10. Puppy videos
  11. Living on my own
  12. That my Mom and Dad aren’t on Facebook
  13. When you find out someone’s really funny and can make you laugh
  14. My noise cancelling headphones – because those screaming kids will not power down.
  15. When all the traffic lights work in my favour.
  16. Pandas – they make my soul beam with joy.
  17. coconut oil – best thing ever!
  18. Pyjamas
  19. That feeling you get when great food hits you the right way.
  20. Being weird and geeky.
  21. Nail polish
  22. When I take a photo and there’s no need to edit it. (Rarely happens nowadays but I’m thankful that it does occur on occasions.)
  23. Speaking of editing- Editing apps. Those bad boys are whassup!
  24. Journals- because not even I can say the truth all the time. So you need to write your dilemmas down or you might go crazy.
  25. For the block button on all social media apps
  26. When no one else is in a public toilet… Absolute heaven!
  27. When you get offered the last piece of food.
  28. Bobby pins- because one time I fixed a pair of sandals on a night out with two Bobby pins. I’m being dead serious! MacGyver style!
  29. Makeup- this one should have been higher on my list.
  30. Great hair days
  31. Old couples holding hands
  32. Old couples in general
  33. Exercise DVD’s- because we all know working out in a gym would be my worst nightmare. Reason being it makes me feel like I’m not thin enough to work out there. So to keep my sanity I work out at home or go for a run.
  34. Adidas shell-tops
  35. Pasta
  36. Stretchy Jeans
  37. Stretchy material in general
  38. Netflix
  39. Feta Cheese
  40. And here’s one conventional one- I’m most thankful for my parents. They have supported me through thick and thin. Even when they might not have understood my choices, they were there. All I can say is, I’m so thankful that I have them in my life.

Hope everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving!

<3 <3 <3

Have A Little Faith In The Fact That You Deserve More Than You Expect

Quote of the day, have hope, faith, love

Pandas! I don’t know about you but, I don’t expect much out of life. Whether it be in friends, love, family, work, myself or whatever else, I have learned to come to terms with the fact that I expect lesser than what I deserve. And for the life of me, I don’t know why that is!

I suppose it stems from being let down in our lives. Therefore in lieu of these disappointments we learn to expect that this is our limit. That this level right here is where we will stay in the receiving department. Maybe it’s because we don’t know any better. Maybe we assume that we are not good enough to experience the abundance of what love and life can offer. Of what another human being can offer. Why? Maybe, we have forgotten our self-worth.

I have forgotten to stay open to the possibility that not everyone out there will harm me. That not everyone will try and gain from my misery and not everyone is looking out for themselves. I have to remember that there are individuals who can look deep into your soul and see the universe. Where the possibilities are endless and the love is the purest. I need to remind myself that not all is lost, and that humanity still has a chance.

It’s a hard feat to re-wire your brain after 15, 20, 40 years of thinking a certain way. However, it can be done. And slowly, albeit with a little nudge, we can start believing that we too can have more.

So my dear, sweet little pandas, please remember that even if you have lost your way, or think that your universe isn’t out there, just have a little faith and assuredness that you are most definitely worth it. Don’t expect less. Instead expect that you are equal to the queens of yesteryear. That you too deserve only the highest quality of riches (and I don’t mean materialistic ones… Metaphor!) that  befits the gods. Because one day, someone will offer you an entire galaxy, therefore it’s best not to be surprised at that fact. You’re expecting big things, remember! Because you deserve it!

<3 <3 <3

Skincare Review: Arbonne

Arbonne Website

Arbonne Website

Today, my cute little fluffy pandas I’m going to chat about Arbonne skincare company. The story begins through Facebook interestingly enough. One of my friends shared a blog post that I wrote on her wall and one of her former work colleagues saw it and got in touch with me. The lovely lady in question is called Sunita. We exchanged some messages and she said that she would like to send a sample primer over. My week was a bit all over the place so she sent the sample through the post. But when it arrived I was surprised because the wonderful Sunita, packed a whole sample care package for me.

Arbonne -Skin Care

She was even nice enough to send a note, along with her card, not to mention a booklet with all the products as well as prices. Take a look…

How sweet is that.

There were three main samples that were provided.

Arbonne -Skin Care

Top: Anti-Ageing RE9 advanced – for face, Middle: Calm skincare range – for face, Bottom: Sea source detox spa – for body

RE9 Advanced:

The sample box came with almost the full range which was great because I was able to really see how all the products worked together. There was:

Facial cleanser
Eye Serum
Intensive Serum
Day Cream
Extra Moisture Day Cream
Night Repair Cream

With this line I found that all the products were wonderful. The facial cleanser really made me feel like it was working down to the bottom of my bullet hole pores. (That’s how big I feel they are!) After, I spread the toner all over with a cotton pad. It cooled my face, making me feel really fresh and clean, which was nice. Next was the eye serum which I put around my heavy bags and crows feet. Secretly I was praying that I would wake up the next day and magically they’d be gone, however no luck there. I did feel a tingle though, like it was getting into the deepest crevices of my wrinkles. The intensive serum as well as all the creams were also very nice to use. The serum was light and I was able to put on the night cream on top without it feeling like it was too much. The extra moisture day cream was a little too much for me however, a bit too heavy for my face. Now that it’s getting really cold outside I’m sure this would come in handy because as we all know the ice cold weather makes your skin drier than normal. So I would only use this cream then and definitely not in the summer.

Calm Line:

Calm Line

This Facial line is a lot milder which would suit the younger ladies who don’t have to worry about wrinkles yet. Listen to me, I’m only 32 and I’m acting like I have the wrinkles of an 85 year old. It’s ridiculous, I know! I’m going to blame the beauty industry for that insecurity though! Anyway, as I was saying. This line felt very soothing on my skin. I liked the facial cleanser very much as well as all the other creams. However if I were to choose, I would choose the previous skincare line, the RE9 Advanced.

Sea Source Detox Spa

Screen Shot 2015-11-09 at 16.20.40

Can I just say that I loved these two products, especially the sea salt scrub. When I get paid at the end of the month, this is the one I want to buy first funnily enough.

And lastly, Sunita gave me the sample makeup primer. Which I forgot to take a picture of (forgive me!) so here is the actual product.

Arbonne Makeup Primer

After washing my face and putting all the other essential creams on, I waited a short while for everything to seep into my skin, before I applied the primer. And my, oh my, what a primer. I loved the texture and how smooth it glided over my skin. It did indeed provide a smooth surface so I could then start piling on my makeup. However, I did feel a little shinny after a few hours. It wasn’t a bad shinny, more like a dewy type of shine. I do know that some of you beauties out there like that glowy look, so this would suit you. For me, I think I would use this again in the winter only, in fear that I would look like I was melting in warmer weather.


I have to say that these products were extremely great to use. I actually found myself wanting to rush home just to do the whole facial cleansing regime. No joke. Every morning I would wake up and look in the mirror and notice minor improvements. Again, no joke! But the one downside, is the price. Buying a full set will set you back a couple hundred pounds. So for me I will have to buy things here and there so it won’t tug at my purse strings too much. I do know that investing in your skin is a sound decision. If I had the money I think I would buy the cleanser, toner and night cream all in one go. But I can’t justify that amount right now, no matter how much I loved it. But… I will be going over to Sunita’s  web domain to buy the sea salt scrub right away.

If you do have the cash to splash I would definitely check out this brand. If not, then start getting little things here and there, like me.

Oh and before I forget, Sunita sent me all these products not looking for anything in return such as  a review to be posted. I posted this because I really loved the products and would definitely back them. Because at the end of the day that’s what I believe bloggers should strive to do. If you like it, then post it!

If you would like to shop for these awesome products please do so under the independent consultant: Sunita Chambore. She not only took time out of her busy schedule (a working momma, top props to her!) but she was nothing but sincere, genuine and extremely kind. Dealing with her, will be a wonderful experience that will make you keep returning for more. So check her out in the link that I provided just above. You’ll see her name at the top of the website, that’s how you’ll know you’re buying the products from her. Just think of it as her online shop under the Arbonne brand. The cool thing is, her “shop” isn’t just for UK customers. It caters to other countries such as the US, Canada, Poland and Australia. So what on earth are you waiting for!!

<3 <3 <3

The Only Photo Editing Apps You Will Ever Need…Make your selfies and landscape photos pop!

best photo editing apps ever

Pandas! It’s no secret that I am always going on and on about photography and in particular iphoneography. To aid this addiction I have about 200 apps. Sadly I wish I was joking at the amount. I am literally obsessed with finding the best apps a girl can get her hands on. It has practically turned into a fun quest of the modern ages for me.

Before I ever got a fancy smart phone, I used to take my DSLR camera everywhere. It was my baby. After I would take loads of photos I would come back home, upload them onto my laptop and then begin the magical process of Photoshop. I swear that program is gold. But slowly my love for the laborious task of editing each photo soon became a burden of epic proportions. And that’s because I found the world of apps. I now can’t remember the last time I took a digital compact camera out with me. Every photo has been captured through my iPhone. It has turned into a one-stop-shop  for photography. So because of this love, I thought I should share some of the best apps around that I use to edit my photos. These will include selfie helpers and landscape fixer-uppers.

Best Filters for your Selfie Obsession:

Screen Shot 2015-11-18 at 10.29.26 The B612 app is a great little app to make you look your best in the selfie game. When you open the app you can flip through the many filters until you are happy with the one that you’ve chosen and you can start capturing photos right on the spot. It’s handy because you don’t have to do any post editing to get the right filter for the shot. But it doesn’t just stop there. It also takes videos with the filters and both cameras on your smart phone are equipped through the app. There have been days where I look like a train-wreck and this app has saved the day!

VSCOcam VSCOcam is your go-to app for every filter imaginable. You have to import the photos that you want to edit but it’s very simple and easy to use. Sometimes I struggle with which filters to use because there are that many!

Best Overall Photo-editor:

Snapseed appSnapseed (by Google) is by far the best photo-editing app around. It enhances your snaps to a very high standard. Sometimes I even get shocked that some of my photos were actually captured with a smart phone camera. It perplexes me I tell you! Here’s some examples taken by me of course…

For Extra special effects:

Screen Shot 2015-11-18 at 13.05.41

LensLight is a special app that allows you to add lens flares, suns (like actual suns and glares from a sun), bokeh, and glitter. You can even add a moon and lightening if you wanted to. I will show you some examples at the end.

Reflect Mirror Camera app

Reflect Mirror Camera is simply stunning. I never thought I would have such fun with an app like this. Basically, it allows you to add water, whether it be oceans, beaches, ice or lakes to your image. It will then reflect your capture into the water. It’s expanded to floor surfaces, sci-fi and tiled surfaces. Some of you guys will probably say, how good could this app be?! But after I show you some examples you will freak the F***k out!


Camera360 not only enhances your landscape photography it fixes up your selfies with the portrait feature as well. This is another all-rounder which would come in second after Snapseed, because let’s face it, nothing should come before it. But where this app rules the roost is in it’s effects. You are able to put filters such as ‘Magic sky’ (enhances your skyscapes) ‘Starry Night’ (gives your stars in your skyscape captures) and many more filters.

Ok here are some examples, using my photos of all the apps just mentioned:
(please click on the images to enlarge them if you want)

And below is what the final picture looks like after I’ve used these apps. The far left one’s are the originals.

Best photo editing apps ever

The Best Selfie editor around:

Perfect 365

Okay can I just say, I think I’ve saved the best for last when it comes to the selfie game. The app is none other than the Perfect365. Where do I even start with this one?! This app takes your selfie shots and smoothes out any blemishes that you would like to tweak. Not only does it smooth complexions but it gives you makeup. I mean, it literally puts makeup on your face. It comes with presets built in, or you can edit each thing individual. For example you can edit your lip colour as well as whiten your teeth and add lip gloss. You can also change your eye colour, grow longer eyelashes, and tame your eyebrows.

To show the effectiveness of this app I decided to take selfies of myself with no makeup on apart from foundation and the tiniest amount of lipgloss and then transform myself into a beauty. I’m not going to toot my own horn but this app made me feel pretty. Well, it made me have two thoughts, one was that I could clean up really well if I had the money. And two was, how the hell did all these wrinkles form. I need to stop laughing so I won’t form new ones!

I’m not sure that this app would do your self-esteem any favours but it can for a brief moment make you think that you too could be on the cover of vogue. Either way it’s a pretty awesome app. You can make the subtlest of changes or go full out on fun mode.

(Don’t forget to click on the images to make them bigger)

And here’s a close up:

Best app Perfect365

Best app Perfect365

Best app Perfect365

I also fixed some other selfies that I took to see what the outcome would be with makeup already on my face…

And there you have it… the best selfie editor EVER!

Okay panda’s I’m sure you’re sick of seeing my face! So that’s it for today. If you have any questions or comments feel free to write your hearts out at the bottom of this post!

Side note: Don’t go too overboard with editing the hell out of yourselves. Even I wouldn’t be putting any of these enhanced photos anywhere on my social media unless I said it was edited. However that being said, it sure is fun to look at them and imagine myself on an exotic photo shoot somewhere.

Peace, Love and Happiness

<3 <3 <3



Get Your Discount Code For an Awesome Personalised Gloment Vision Poster


Two days ago I did a post about a vision poster that I recently received from Gloment. Well guess what! They were kind enough to give me a 10% discount code for all you pandas out there! Here’s my customised poster…

Gloment Vision Poster

Go on over to the Gloment site and check out why their personalised vision posters will get your motivation going. I have a link to the right of my blog under my widget as well. If it sounds awesome then get going!

Oh and don’t forget to type in: Happy-Thelonepanda at check out to get a 10% discount on your orders!


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Monday Motivation: Do What You Love

Do what you love quote

Hello my beautiful pandas. I hope it’s a somewhat decent Monday for you today. This morning must have been a pretty tough one, knowing most of us are still reeling from everything that’s happening around the world. So today I didn’t want to yap on about things. I simply wanted to do a tiny Motivational post.

Motivational Monday is a thing now. It’s a trending topic on Twitter every Monday. I suppose it arose to help the masses cope with the dread of another week of mundanity. I have of course jumped on the bandwagon as well. How could I not? I needed something to get me over those Monday morning blues.

This week I would like to focus your attention on the act of doing what you love. That’s it. To do what you love. At the end of the day, life, is too short. Sometimes, shorter than what it should be. We let things slip by us. Slithering through our fingers without ever being able to grasp hold of what we want most in this world. We work, eat, go home, eat, sleep and the cycle repeats itself consecutively for 5 days. Some of you even work more than one job. Props to you guys for doing what you have to do. But please don’t forget to do what you love to do. I know it’s hard to find the time. But if you take a few minutes here and there you will be able to come closer to your dreams. It’s the saddest thought really, to know that you are living a stationary kind of life. One that has no fulfillments, nor true happiness. We kind of bob along don’t we? I’m for sure guilty of this. I list all the things I want to do and I never accomplish them. Well, let’s try and break this!

Pandas, this week, do something that you love. That you’re passionate about. That you desire. Whether it’s something tiny or something ginormous, just go out there and do it!

<3 <3 <3

Create Your Own Amazing Vision Poster


Pandas I’ve been meaning to write this post for a couple of weeks now, but time has slipped by! So I’m finally writing about it today! Whoop! To be honest I have been excited to write this one. You know why? Because it’s all about motivation, inspiration and a vision poster.

A few weeks ago I sent my Facebook Page link to a Woman (Eva) who posted that she was looking for motivational/lifestyle bloggers on a Blogging Network . So I thought why not send her my link? After a day she got in touch and she gave me a discount to get a free vision poster. How fun is that! She never asked that I write a review only that I take a picture of myself with the poster when it arrived. But, I decided to make a post out of it.

The company in question is called Gloment. Their place of residency is Germany but they ship worldwide. The quote above is from my vision poster which they posted to their Facebook page. They shared others as well.

So let’s get to it. The email exchanges were great. They were very friendly. After putting in my voucher code I went to the checkout and entered all my details and clicked on send. Oh I only paid for the P&P, which was like 2 Euros if I remember correctly.

They then sent a confirmation email where there was a link to answer 10 questions in order to personalise your vision poster. The questions ranged from, what time do you get up? To, what things bring out the best in you? Obviously you should write from your heart. Because at the end of the day it’s your own vision poster. It’s something that you will hang up on your wall, read the writing and be reassured that you are making those steps to fulfil that vision. So dig deep and write honestly. After I completed my 10 questions they sent an email back letting me know that they were making a preview of what my poster would look like and send me a PDF of it so I can confirm or alter things before I give the final go ahead. And just like they said a day later they sent the PDF. I didn’t like the way some of my answers flowed so I changed them slightly, without losing the meaning behind them of course.  I sent it off again, and again they sent a new PDF with the changes. I liked how it all looked so I give it two thumbs up.

After waiting a little while to receive it (I was getting a little antsy) I finally jumped for joy when it came in the mail.

I really do love it! It’s great to look at every morning before I go off to work. It reminds me that I’m not hustling enough and it makes me keep digging a little deeper to make my dreams a reality.

So all in all, the Gloment team were really great. I think they are truly on to something with these personalised vision posters. Here’s mine, in case you were wondering what it looked like and what I wrote…

Processed with VSCOcam with b2 preset

If you want a personalised vision poster then go check Gloment out. You can find them here and here.

Gloment Vision Poster

Please excuse the outfit and the unruly hair. I literally came from a run and realised that it was getting darker outside, so I quickly took this snap. And in case you were wondering, NO I don’t wear make-up when I run, that my pandas, is an app. No seriously! You should see the before picture. Either way, I want to always be honest about these things. In fact I think I just figured out what my next post is going to be about. Before and Afters using the best photo editing apps around. BAM!

<3 <3 <3