Review: 24hr SuperStay Lip Colour by Maybelline


I may be late off the train with this lipstick but that’s because I have been living under a rock for the last two years in the make-up department. What once was a stellar index in everything beauty has now been whittled away into nothing. That’s what happens when 1. you are broke and 2. you let yourself go (see number 1). I’ll stop right there because this is not about me going down memory lane, sobbing with tissues in hand. No, this is about beauty, make-up and in particular, Maybelline’s Super Stay 24hr lip colour.

Ah, lipstick. I don’t know about you guys but I love me a good red lip colour. It makes me feel like Jane Russell or Dita Von Tease. As if glamour was oozing off me, old Hollywood style.  So naturally with any lip colour you want to know that it will last a while. And I think I have found the longest lasting lipstick known to man that will probably make me happy for the rest of my days. I mean it’s so good that if I died I would request in my will that a Mortician place it on my lips before they closed the coffin. Hell I’m pretty sure that if I then requested in said will, to be exhumed after 20 years, you would probably only find my skull and a red outline on top of decaying teeth. That’s how long this bad boy would last for!

Normally I do not believe the hype with all these long-wear make-up jargon, lasting so long that it out-does earth’s rotational spin. Reason being, that I kept on buying these magical long lasting lipsticks and none of them stood the test of time. One felt like a cast while the other was sticky like super glue just before drying. Another had to be reapplied while another created patches. I mean I could go on and on. I lost hope and gave up the search. Then one day I stopped in Superdrug for my daily dose of nail polish. As I headed towards the Barry M section my peripheral vision clocked the shiny Maybelline section. I slowed to a halt as I saw 24hrs in a big flashy sign. Sceptical didn’t quite cover it at that moment. But I examined the colours and was drawn to the red shade. So I said ‘Fuck it’. I will test out one more long lasting bullshit thing that the beauty market has put forward.

Before I tell you about my experience can I just say that I have virtually stopped putting on lipstick on my nights out. I end up going with a wing tipped eyelid or a smokey eye. The reason why my love of lipstick has dwindled throughout the years is because I was tired of constantly reapplying it every hour on the hour. What’s a girl to do when she catches her reflection in a passing mirror and sees red when her lipstick is either smeared, on her teeth, or faded away? She gives up that’s what she does. You end up looking like a girl who’s either just given someone a blowjob or has eaten half her lip off her face. Equally, I’m too tired to go to the bathroom every time to reapply. Or worse having to put on more in front of others. Call me old fashioned but I don’t find that lady-like for some reason. You always want to look appealing and presentable, leaving the mystical notion that you are a lady who doesn’t reapply. You know, to be put together at all times. I, however, have never achieved that on any of my nights out. By the end of it, I come out looking like I’ve been in a washing machine. Sweaty, droopy and dripping. How unladylike is that! So the night I decided to try the 24hr Super Stay lipstick by Maybelline I was expecting the same result.

On one end of the stick is the actual lip colour while on the other is the silky gloss that makes your lips glisten like diamonds.

I looked at it with trepidation. I applied it around 6 in the evening. When you first put the colour part on, you notice a smooth application. Within seconds you can feel it adhering to your lips as if it were bracing itself for a wild night. It was slightly sticky so I didn’t touch my lips together, waiting until it was completely dry. I then placed the gloss on top of it and it was like a marriage meant to be. After a minute of waiting, my first test was the wine glass test. Ladies you know what I’m talking about. Who else gets deflated after taking one sip, pulling the glass away from your mouth and your eyes become cross as you see half your lipstick on the rim of the glass? It’s disheartening at the best of times. So I chugged that wine glass as if it was my last alcoholic beverage of the evening. And guess what? Not one trace of red shaded colour escaped my lips to hitch a ride on that rim. I only saw a hint of clear gloss upon further inspection.

Three hours later and many drinks flowing through me, nature started to call. So I trekked on over the the bathroom. As I approached the mirror I was expecting to see the girl from the ring but got startled when I saw me. Lipstick still as red as ever! Happiness overwhelmed me at that moment. Sheer joy pumped through my veins as I tinkled with pride. Too much info?

By the end of the night, I was annihilated but my lipstick remained. As I arrived home I took one look in the mirror and saw three of me smiling back, all of them wearing the one and only coat of lipstick that was applied many hours before. That night I passed out with my make-up on. Don’t judge. And do you know what I woke up to the next day? Puffy eyes, yes, head pounding, yes, but my bright red lips had remained. My eyebrows where another story, looking like Picasso threw up on my forehead but my lips, were  pristine, like a Da Vinci.

All in all, I can say with confidence that this lipstick had passed all the tests of an evening filled with alcoholic mayhem. Food included.

One criticism I do have is that Maybelline needs to create better shades and more selection. Other than that, I see no other faults.

*Side note:  Don’t forget to have an oil based make-up remover on hand when you are ready to take this bad boy off. Otherwise you will be scrubbing your lips until the sun comes up and while your arm muscle may have had an amazing workout, you will be left with raw lips and wishing to be shot in the face.

Motivation of the Day – To Dream Or To Do…


The sad thing is, up until recently, I think I would have chosen to sleep in and dream my grandiose dreams instead of getting up and chasing them. I would dream so much. It was as if I was hoping they would magically sprout into existence. I’m sure that’s probably the stupidest thing you’ve read today. But it’s true and I’m not going to lie about my idiotic ideas. I literally thought that if I envisioned my dreams, every day, they would appear in front of me as herald trumpets played in the distance. I am now pretty sure that ‘The Secret’ had something to do with all that wishing and envisioning. Damn that book (and documentary) for it’s persuasiveness!

As 2015 was about to rear it’s ugly head, I realised that I was not even close to where I wanted to be at this stage in my life. It’s kind of depressing thinking about it really. To know that all of your friends are pretty much well established, or have gotten engaged, or married, or have started their own families, really can get a girl going slightly senile. I mean, loony bin senile. In fact at one stage I was ready to accept the fact that I may be more comfortable surrounded by four padded walls, where the soothing notion of hearing ‘no visitors allowed’ melted over me with excitement. Who gets excited to chill by their lonesome all the time? That’s got to be slightly strange right? Just dreams and solitude? What a bunch of poop I was selling myself. The funny thing was that I always knew I wanted more than the average of lives. I wanted to explore, to accomplish and to topple the highest of ambitions.  Yet here I was, living an average life. In fact I will go so far as to say that everything I was doing was far below average. I don’t know where this no motivation actually came from. I think I was just always stuck in my circumstances which in turn motivated me straight into complacency. It’s not a great feeling thinking that you can’t change things. Or that it’s virtually impossible to.

A week before 2015 showed up, something snapped. I knew that dreaming about having a great career now was not the answer. Sure it was an easy escape route to have. But it definitely wasn’t something that would see me getting the results that I longed for. My conclusion was that I needed to make things happen and not just accept ‘getting by’ as acceptable anymore. So I saved money (which was fucking hard especially with the peanuts that I’m getting paid) and started a copywriting course. I swear it’s the best thing I have ever done and I can’t help but smile every time I think about it. Slowly I am chasing something better. I am striving for more than average and because of this tiny push forward I finally see that things can change. It may take a while to get to where I’m going but at least I started chasing. Money will be super tight, but it’s not something new to me. I just need to adjust some things to pave the way for even better things. It’s actually that simple. I have no idea why I’ve convoluted everything for so many years. Well, I do know. I was never able to get the opportunity until now. This moment, right now for me, is my time to grab life by the balls and never let it go.

So I ask you, what’s your choice going to be?

Motivation of The Day… 40 Ways to Stay Creative

Originally posted on Pinterest.

Originally posted on Pinterest.

Before I Go To Sleep…


Every night as I prepare to fall asleep, I get plagued by the fear that my brain may not switch off. For one reason or another, it seems like I have built up an intolerance to mellowing out over the years. As soon as my head hits the pillow, my brain starts going into over-drive. And so, every night without fail, I become an angry ball of mush who’s brain is being stuffed full of convoluted mind-fuckery.


I would like to state from now that I hate people who can plop their heads onto a pillow and pass out within 5 minutes. Equally I hate those who can fall asleep anywhere. You know those bastards that you see sleeping in a chair with their neck looking all severed and shit. Kill Bill style – neck break. The sheer fact that people can sleep in weird places really gets to me, in a torturous way. Maybe hate is a strong word, but how do you freaks do it? How is it physically possible? Because I cannot recall a time ever in my entire existence, that I magically fell asleep within 10 minutes. For the life of me, it perplexes my soul.

Here is a typical night for me:

After consuming what might be an eternity of shit TV I retire to my bedroom to start the process of trying to fall asleep. First and foremost I check my alarms on my iPhone. I have 5 set. I then realise that I need to go to the bathroom. After finishing I return to my room, closing the door behind me and check my 5 alarms again. Once locking the phone I push the home button so I can see the little image of the alarm clock on the top right corner. As if to reassure myself that it’s ok to put the phone down, the alarms are set. I then jump into bed and snuggle under the covers.
‘God it’s cold under these covers. Maybe I should put my socks back on? No, I’m sure it will heat up. I just have to wait it out. I think I need to check my alarms again. Last time I magically switched them off and I was late to work. I can’t afford to do that tomorrow morning. Yeah maybe I should definitely check my alarms again. Ok alarms look fine. Everything looks fine. Back in bed I go. It’s still freezing under these covers. Oh wait do I need to pee again? Fuck!’ I go pee and return once more.
‘Why the hell is it so cold in here? Stupid landlord and his stingy ways. No fucking double glazing and a draft-y wooden board that covers the hole to the attic. This is a shit apartment and a shit room. I wonder what rooms are like in Argentina. It’s practically summer there right about now. I bet the view in Chile is amazing. I could hop on a plane right now and chill over in Chile, with a bowl of Chilli. Hahaha, that made me chuckle! Why did I find that funny? You are an old fucking granny that’s why! No seriously, I could be over there for like 2 months. Then maybe I could fly to the South Pacific. Oh, ouch, pain in my stomach. Clench for dear life! I don’t think I should have had that pizza today. I look and feel pregnant. This has got to be what it feels like to carry a baby. I heard preggy ladies get gassy. I’m gassy now. How do their partners deal with it? I wish I had a partner right now, that could rub my tummy. No, maybe I would be too gassy? No, no partner right now. Well, maybe for a little hug. A hug would be amazing right now. Like a big chunky hug. Why can’t I find anyone? Surely I’m not that hideous. I ate a whole fucking pizza to myself today. Hideous is an understatement. You are a pregnant lonely fat bitch! No, don’t be negative. You are fine. Everything is fine. Fine, fine, fine. FINE! You are doing your Course to better yourself and get a better job. You will lose weight. Ah fuck exercise. Exercise is hell. I hate exercising. I bought a hula hoop, I haven’t used it. Oh shit and a jump rope. It’s collecting dust. Maybe I will run tomorrow. Yeah I will start tomorrow. Oh who are you kidding. You will come home and sit your fat ass on that couch and watch ‘The Real Housewives of Atlanta’ or ‘Love and Hip Hop’, take a shower and then go to bed. This pillow is bullshit. Memory foam my ass. I need to get a memory foam mattress. Aaahhhh! Shut up!!! Relax, think of fluffy clouds. Envision clouds floating past at a glacial pace. Soothing. Big ol’ fluffy clouds. Care bears were awesome. I had a Care Bear stuffed animal. Where is it? Why can’t we live on clouds like the Care Bears. That would be awesome.  I would live in a fluffy cloud castle. With a Care Bear. The one with the picture of a rainbow on his belly. My tummy is still rumbling. Rumble in the jungle like Jackie Chan. Waaaaahh! Jackie Chan! Jackie Chan! Chaka Khan! He needs to do another movie. OH. MY. GOD. They should totally make a Care Bears movie. Oh shit, I need to pee again…’

Come back and start the process all over again…


Don’t worry guys…after all these years, I have found a way to somewhat cure my overactive brain at night. I put a movie on my laptop, low volume, preferably an action/adventure movie, and my brain ceases to exist after that. I guess it’s something about the muffled voices and sounds that does the trick. But I always have to remember to turn it on idle mode so that it hibernates automatically. Otherwise I wake up, after finally getting to bed, from the stupid light coming from the computer screen. And then, the whole process starts again…

Side bar:
Does anyone else have this problem of an overactive brain while trying to get to sleep? I know there are others out there. Come on out and let’s make fun of the situation together!

Don’t Reply…

Don't Reply

I’m writing you in solitude
Thinking everything will be fine.
But I know better with all the uncompromising attitude,
That this love that I want is only capable in my mind.

I sit here wondering if this is how god wanted life to be,
Or even if it was fate that brought us certain things as a test.
How can things be perfect between you and me,
When you’re giving half of yourself and I’m giving you all that is best.

Don’t think of returning this, I don’t want a reply,
I want something that you can’t give me.
there is no point in fixing it, just take it as a goodbye.

I hope one day you will think of me,
When your mind is fully cleared.
Then maybe you will finally see
That it was only you, yourself, should have feared.

 Where were those walks on the beach,
Those romantic subtle gestures?
Why was the love so hard to reach
When all you had to do was hold me and treat our love as a treasure.

I know there are lots of things that you wished were different,
Things that you could have changed.
But if I stick this out, will it be a good investment?
Will our love ever become unchained?

So here I am wishing you well in all that you do and try
I want something that you can’t give me
So don’t think of returning this, I don’t want a reply.

Motivation of The Day…


No one is too old for imagination,
places where colourful rainbows never end.
Where hope still lives in stories of fiction,
in unknown lands of magic that’s beautifully penned.

Fairy-tales creates dreams to escape to
where adults are able to take a break from life.
It helps to curve any negative view,
that might entail a burdening strife.

So don’t forget to dream of wondrous dreams,
to  fantasise of other worldly creations.
Places of diamond encrusted sun beams,
and the sprinkling of fairy dust immersing you in illusions.

Why Instagram Has Made Me A Better Photographer…

This evening I happen to be writing this post on the bus ride home. Reason being, Oxford Circus tube station was being a bit temperamental today. That is by far, the nicest way I can put it.  Because if I really showed my colourful thoughts on this tube station you wouldn’t be reading legible words, instead you would be getting different made-up combinations of swearing. Which wouldn’t be the best read for you guys now would it?

As I sat on the bus cursing out this retched journey home, my profanity climaxed as I realised I had forgotten my noise-cancellation headphones in my desk drawer at work. I literally yelled out “SHIT” in despair. Those things are my only sanity on my commutes to and from work. They are so good that I don’t even hear bastards sitting right next to me talking loudly on their phones telling the tales of their whole shitty problematic lives. (I’m sitting next to one of those bastards right now). At this point, I was sure, that the fate fairies were giggling their glittery winged asses off at me for being in this predicament. I cursed them out too. How the hell was I going to pass this bus ride from hell? And that’s when an explosion went off in my head. I was going to go on Instagram.

Ok firstly I should say I chose to make my Instagram account all about capturing the world around me and not me personally (selfies) or what my boring days consist of. There’s only so many pictures I could put of me sitting at my desk, or me sitting on my couch in my kindergarten pj’s and grey bunny slippers, or my large Costa Coffee take away crates I buy hoping that all the caffeine will speed up the seconds in the day and not just heighten the state of my oncoming shaky jitters.

While flipping through my feed I noticed a gradual progression from bad to not so bad. My first ever photos were ridiculously bad. I didn’t consider my compositions or subjects, not even the lighting was thought of and editing was non-existent. But as I came to grips with the hundreds of thousands of photographers that existed on Instagram, I soon realised that my skills were shit.  And that’s when I started to think about capturing moments better. You can see my process slowly change with every photo that I would eventually post.

Following and communicating with like-minded people who loved photography was great. They were encouraging and complimented my efforts which made me want to keep on going. I started following amazing Instagramers who’s feeds happened to be untouchable, they were that good. And it got my creative juices going.

Through the eyes of others’ captured beauty I learned, asked questions and carried on trying. I experimented with macro (close-ups) landscapes and minimalism. Instagram was like a free tutor that I had access to 24 hours a day 7 days a week. It was a life coach egging me on to do better. It has introduced me to new photo apps and editing tools. And most importantly it introduced me to my favourite iPhone companion, the Olloclip.

Now looking back at some of my early photos I didn’t know shit. Take a look if you don’t believe me…

You see? What the hell was I thinking with some of these. But I have learned now to take my time, to capture as many photos as I see fit, to get the perfect one. Here are some of my more recent ones…

So you see, I’ve definitely upgraded my photo taking abilities. I still have so much to learn , but that’s what I love about photography. I know some of you may be thinking, jeeeezzzz this bitch is obsessed. And yeah, maybe I am. But it makes me happy. To be creative and express yourself in whatever way you deem awesome, is a great hobby to have. I am in no way quitting my day job but it’s most definitely a nice outlet for me.

All I can say is, learn new tricks every day. Try and improve your skills on whatever really gets you excited. If health is your thing, then go on Instagram and start following fitness feeds. Whatever you desire is at the touch of your fingertips. So go out there and learn shit. It’s for free for god sake. You are learning fun things for free. Need I say more.