The 1,000 Year Old Anglo-Saxon Remedy That Kills MRSA

Image taken from International Business Times

Image taken from International Business Times

When I first read about this, I thought someone over there at International Business Times had lost their minds. How else could one explain that a 1,000 year old remedy would do the trick in fighting off MRSA (also known as Staphylococcus). But as I kept reading my jaw began to droop lower and lower until it almost shuffled across the surface of the floor. My mind had officially been blown!

Here’s the breakdown:  Scientists at the University of Nottingham decided to recreate a 9th century old remedy that cures eye infections. They found this antidote from an old medical textbook that was called the Bald’s Leechbook.

Bald's leechbook

Some of the ingredients included garlic, wine and leek, whereupon all were chucked into a brass vessel and left for 9 days. Little did they know that such a remedy would fight against antibiotic-resistant superbugs. They then tested it on an MRSA strand and would you believe that it fought off 90% of it! I mean can you just wrap your heads around this fact for a moment. Instead of manufacturing chemicals and odd concoctions that I can’t say let alone write, they used ingredients that the earth has grown. To me this is a huge deal. If this one medicinal miracle can do such a phenomenal job then what about the other remedies out there from years gone by.

In our modern age with all the high tech equipment and labouring away on creating new drugs, it’s crazy to think that it’s something that has been around for centuries which has done the trick the best.

I’m getting excited just think of all the possibilities! And I think we can all agree now not to pooh-pooh the notion that herbal/alternative medicines do not work. On the contrary I think that the opposite will prove true. So I will definitely stick to using my raw organic coconut oil, evening primrose oil, spirulina and any other remedy I see fit. Because I truly believe that we have come to rely too much on chemicals in our every day lives. This would include all our beauty products as well. The parabens that are still being used are ridiculous! That’s why this bit of information is really quite refreshing to say the least.

So my little pandas, let’s all raise our paws in the air to a healthier and brighter future.


The Little Things To Make a Place Feel Like Home…


Hello fellow Pandas!

I finally feel somewhat settled in my new place. It’s not quite complete yet but it’s starting to come together.

Like with any new place of your very own you want to have a homely feel to it. But alas I am not made of money and that money tree that I planted hasn’t produced any currency yet, so I decided to start with the little things to spruce up the place with.

Even though it’s a tiny habitat, it’s still all mine and that’s what makes me feel all giddy inside. If I were to redo some things in life I think I would have loved interior decorating. Oh, that, and creating fabulous shoes. I still have sketches of what my shoe line would look like. Ahhh…. okay, I digress.

Decorating is so much fun. A cushion here and a throw there could make all the difference. I just wanted a place that felt inviting and cosy.

So here are the little bits and pieces…
(Don’t forget to scroll over the images or click to enlarge)

This is just a tiny sample of the bits and pieces that I got. To be honest I wanted to photograph a few more things but I just didn’t have the time, so please don’t kill me my cuddly little pandas.

All in all the place is coming together and I’m very proud that I have a place that I can officially call my home. My cosy place away from the chaos. My little nook. To be honest, I am finally feeling happy. And let me tell you, it has been a long time coming…

So let’s all do a big ol’ WOOP WOOP to the little things in life.


A Third Times a Charm – A Healthier Approach To Life

Eat Better Feel Better

Why hello to all my Pandas out there!

So as you know I have moved to a new place and with it came a third bout of health issues. I suppose it was a stressful time and I was yet again, letting myself go. For a long time I have ignored my bad eating habits and it has taken three kidney infections to steer me in the right direction. That and the fact that the health care system in this country seems to think that giving me antibiotics every time without finding the root cause of a problem is the norm is just unacceptable. Frankly I was fed up and frustrated. So I decided to change a decade worth of really bad habits all in one week. And boy what a difference it has made.

Firstly I think that I should confess that I love pizza. I am obsessed with pasta and a night in, heating big double chocolate chip cookies in the oven just enough to get them all gooey is a night well worth spent in my books. Does that make me a sad loser, well yes. But did it make me a content with life loser, well yes, yes it did. At work I used to get chilli cheese fries and burgers and rich foods like I was celebrating my birthday EVERY DAY. And me thinks all this crap, no matter how heavenly it actually is, has taken a toll. My body was telling me for the third time, to stop doing what I was doing.

Secondly I should say that I am an avid reader, therefore from time to time I like to peruse the local book store. On my latest stroll into literary heaven I stumbled across  a book that I found really interesting which is showcased in the above photo. And like all imbeciles who see signs and believe in fate, I took this as one of those signs. As I flipped through “Heeling Foods” I knew that this was the book that would help me on my journey to a healthier lifestyle.

This book is absolutely fantastic and I can’t recommend it enough. It starts with going through ‘Foods That Heal’ where it lists fruits and vegetables and what they actually do to help your body. Let’s take a look at the two pictures below.

Healthy eating healthy living healthy eating healthy living

At the top it tells you what it’s actually good for, then it tells you how to get the best from it and how you can actually use it. So for coconuts, it says that it fights bacteria, viruses and fungi. It also enhances metabolism, provides energy for the brain and increases “healthy” (HDL) cholesterol. It then goes into more detail on each one.

After going through all the fruits and vegetables individually, it then goes through nuts, oils, pulses, seeds and sprouts, medicinal herbs, culinary herbs, rice, meat, oats, spices and oily fish.

medicinal herbs healthy eating well being

Then after all of that it starts with recipes that heal…

Recipes that heal

It gives you ‘A Day of..’ recipe suggestions for a full day of healthy eating (as you can see in the photo below). It goes through ‘A Day of… Good digestion, Liver health, Skin health, Boosted energy, Stress relief, Men’s health, Women’s health and so on.

a day of heart health

It then goes on to give you a recipe chooser. If you are having issues with heart and circulation it gives you breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack suggestions. Immune support and energy boost are just some of the other categories that you can choose from.

Healthy recipes

And if all that isn’t good enough it then goes through each recipe individually so you can recreate a healthy day of blissful energy boosting happiness.

Of course to top everything off, it’s got some amazingly healthy sweets too! YUM!

Healthy desserts

Now that I have this arsenal handy, eating healthier has become easier. It gives me a boost knowing all this info. And to be honest I have no will power. So the more knowledge I have in that lump I call a brain, the stronger I become to fight all these bad habits that I have created all those years ago.

I tell you one thing my little pandas, being healthy is a lifestyle. You can’t be a part-time healthy person. It just doesn’t work. You either have to fully commit to it wholeheartedly or forget it. But I do think that once you truly commit, it turns out to be such an eye opener.

So I am turning a new leaf and embracing healthy. It ain’t no pizza but the question is, do I want to live a long happy life? Yes, yes I do. Therefore I need to make some changes as of right now.

Life is Better…


A big HELLO to all you pandas out there. I have finally finished unpacking from my move. But more importantly, I have wifi in my place! Woop Woop to surfing the net again. Ahhh….bliss.

Throughout this process I have wanted to pull out my hair in annoyance more than once. I mean the stress levels hit me hard to the point of me forgetting that this was actually a good thing in my life.

So to change my melancholic mood I decided to watch some old videos of me and my friends. I needed to crack a smile desperately. And boy did I laugh my ass off. You see the thing is, life is way too short to get super stressed out all the time. For one thing, we now know that stress can diminish your years if you’re not careful. So to avoid this, I try to laugh as much as I can.

Laughing is like a free drug to make you all giddy inside and the more you laugh the more stress gets eliminated. So the next time you feel like you want to punch something (or someone) why not take a deep breath and turn to something that will make you laugh. If your buddies are your cure but can’t come to your rescue, then watch a comedy to unwind. Or go through some photos of all the shenanigans that you and your friends have gotten up.

Whatever you choose to use, just remember to laugh all the time. And always try to surround yourself with positive, uplifting people who can laugh right along with you.


PS- Soooooo glad to be back online!

Easter, Unpacking and No WiFi…


Firstly, Happy Easter everyone! Hope everyone is having fun finding those Easter eggs and eating some amazing food! 

My Easter (Greek) is not until next Sunday. But I like to celebrate both. Who wouldn’t. Unfortunately, this was the weekend that I stupidly chose to move. Yup, super fun times. That last one was a half sarcastic statement because a part of me is super excited to say the least! But the lazy bitch who hates packing has dreaded this whole process. I don’t even know how people pack a 6 bedroom house up and then unpack it all! Blah. No thanks!  

But on a positive note, I have officially moved in! Woop woop! Guys, I feel elated. All I’m waiting for is my furniture to arrive, which will be on Tuesday and of course my internet. The latter has been a hard thing to adjust to, by the way. No internet means no communication. No communication means no connecting. And man it sucks! Currently I am writing this post through my iPhone WordPress app. (Side note: it’s kinda awesome) But only using my thumbs to type has slowed me way down. Which makes me not enjoy writing a post as much as I normally do. And furthermore, autocorrect can go suck on some balls to be quite frank! 

So apart from one major hiccup that will see me lonely until the 9th, everything else has gone by smoothly. I officially can’t wait to start creating a little comfy nook, that I can escape to, that’s all for me. 


P.S.- I finally found a place that comes with a decent sized balcony! (Photo above)  

P.P.S.- I bought a patio set (table and two chairs from IKEA) and four cute kilner jars with handles (they look like mason jars)  and the prettiest paper straws known to man. All of which I will be taking pictures of to show you! I suppose I envisioned myself sitting outside sipping on iced cold pink lemonade and fanning myself while saying “oh I do declare…this is absolutely divine darlin…” 

Motivation of The Day…


When I saw this I thought, now here is a quote that makes me think about my actions. Is the effort that I put forward today going to carry on over to tomorrow? Am I striving to reach my goals?

I suppose the honest truth is, that I am taking itty bitty steps in the right direction. No, I might not be taking giant strides and accomplishing my goals in leaps and bounds . But I am, however, doing little things here and there. Yes it might take me longer but it’s a choice that I am willing to sacrifice for.

Don’t let today or any day for that matter, be a mundane one. Don’t let it be meaningless. And no matter how small a step you’re taking towards your ambitions, it’s a step! Which is the most important thing of all.


Peace, Love and Panda Happiness


People Should Come With A Guarantee…


Guys, somewhere along the line it seems that we have lost the meaning of love. We have forgotten that it takes dedication and hard work to keep a relationship going. That it really does take two. Somewhere, something happened to make our generation a bit skewed. Out of whack, so to speak.

Relationships are dropped as quickly as they started and there seems to be no sense of effort being thrown in its direction. If we simply get frustrated we find a replacement. It’s become that simple. There is nothing out there that pushes us to cherish a relationship more. And unfortunately a marriage certificate hasn’t cut it in recent years.

Therefore ladies and gentlemen, may I propose a little amendment to the book of relationships. Ready? People should come with a guarantee. Yup, you read that right! Just like leasing a car or buying a toaster. If for some reason your significant other is not working properly or has a glitch, then all you need to do is crack out your guarantee and tweak the glitches. It would be like a legally binding contract with bullet points and stipulations. I know how romantic. But hear me out.

So you say your partner isn’t listening to you any more? Well, you can simply take them in to get repaired and then they will be returned with a whole new listening mechanism embedded within their ear canal. Oh you say they have let themselves go? Well the body shop will help you out with alterations to make your partner as good as new. So you say they’re treating you poorly? Well then don’t forget to add a manners course in your guarantee. Something along the lines of, if my current partner treats me poorly ( and this is where the bullet points come in) then they have to take a course in proper relationship courting rituals. Basically you would write a guarantee with points that should not be crossed. And if they are, then the recipient of that guarantee has a certain amount of time to fix their wrong doings. If however the stipulations are not met, then severe consequences would take effect. This guarantee could then graduate to be an academy of sorts. It could totally be like “The Stepford Wives”. And it could be renamed “The Stepford Boot Camp”. Bam!

The guarantee would act as a reassurance policy. How many times have you looked at your partner and said, man I wish he/she would just (insert preferred word here) more. Or, why couldn’t my partner be more attentive? Or, why do they put me down all the time? This would be your reassurance policy to make sure your ass is covered. Maybe this is a harsh outlook on relationships. Maybe I have become cynical as the years have flown by. Or maybe I feel like people in general should have something to protect themselves with. Something to keep their significant others on their toes.

Maybe these guarantees would keep people from throwing in the towel too quickly. Maybe they would make us better individuals instead of letting life and/or your partner pass you by. I have been  accused in the past, of letting myself go when I was in a previous relationship of 5 years. And to be completely honest I did just that. In my head I thought, well this guy isn’t going anywhere so who cares. I stopped dressing up, gained weight and never wanted to do anything. And to be completely honest, I will be the first one to admit that I have made mistakes in relationships, so I would never put all the blame on men. But I do know that I didn’t deserve certain things. Things that can break a person’s soul. And maybe, just maybe, if there was a written guarantee in the beginning of every merger then simply put, perhaps some of us wouldn’t be such cold hearted bastards all the time. Maybe we would fix ourselves more. Or strive to inspire and uplift our significant others instead of becoming resentful of their shortcomings.

All in all I think that everyone should come with a 1 year guarantee. Or a 30 day one, for the most severe of cases. Where the consequences would be dire. Who knows, maybe we would all prove ourselves a bit more, even strive to be the best we could be. Gosh, it all sounds a bit robotic and business like doesn’t it? But maybe a business mentality is what we need to veer towards. I mean, who wants to fuck with a binding business contract? And further more who wants to lose some limbs? Chances are you would work your ass off if you knew that there would be serious consequences to your health or monetary funds.

Think about it… ;-)